Indoor gardening has become more and more common, and it's also a great idea for small spaces. If you don't have an outdoor space or you live in a colder climate, these indoor gardening ideas are a must! When growing an indoor garden, the possibilities are truly endless! You can grow a dwarf lemon tree, start your own herb garden, or start off small with a few succulents and houseplants. Additionally, you can also grow several different plants, which will not only make your space look beautiful, but also help to purify the air.

#1. Clustered Plants

indoor plants

One of the quickest and easiest ways to bring some greenery into your home, is to group several mid-sized plant together. Ideally, you'd want to place these plants in an empty area. Plus, most houseplants are pretty low maintenance, so you don't have to worry too much if you don't have a green thumb.

#2. Eclectic Indoor Garden

Indoor Gardening Ideas

Put your own style forward by incorporating different sized plants and pots to make a beautifully eclectic indoor garden. Old canisters and antique finds will really heighten a garden area.

#3. Hanging Herb Garden

indoor gardening ideas

If you cook with herbs a lot, you may want to start an indoor hanging herb garden. This not only saves you space, but you'll also have fresh and readily available herbs at the tips of your fingers. Plus, it'll make your space very visually appealing!

#4. Garden Closet

Garden Closet

If you have an empty closet or some shelves you're not using, why not add some herbs or plants? Of course, keep in mind that these plants will need some sunlight, so be sure to leave the door open so that the sun can filter through.

#5. Terrarium Garden

indoor gardening ideas

Don't have a lot of space? A terrarium garden may just be what you're looking for! Low maintenance plants, such as air plants, thrive in terrariums and also look beautiful in any setting.

#6. Hanging Indoor Garden

To add some stunning green visuals to your home, a hanging garden is the way to go. Hang different sized plants in different pots from the ceiling or wall. They don't take up space, but they can completely transform an area.

gold chain hanging planters

#7. Mini Succulent Garden


Designate a small space to a beautiful succulent garden. They're easy to care for, but add a great visual element to a room. Simply group a whole bunch of mini succulents in an empty space.

#8. Floating Shelf Garden

floating shelf garden

The addition of floating shelves to an empty wall can really change a space. To that, add a few different plants in different pots. It'll instantly brighten everything and also purify the air.

#9. Wall of Plant Cuttings

Indoor Gardening Ideas

This whimsical indoor gardening idea is as fun as it is visually stunning. Take different cuttings and display them on a wall until they're ready to be planted. Then, continue to amass cuttings so your wall is never empty!

#10. Fruit Tree Garden

dwarf pomegranate tree

There are many dwarf fruit varieties that you can actually grow in your home. Choose from citrus trees to pomegranate trees. While they may not necessarily make the actual fruit, they will thrive in pots and look stunning in a brightly lit area.

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