Believe it or not, not all herbs and vegetables need soil to grow! These 7 herbs that grow in water will not only save you space and money, but they're also super easy to grow and will give your food a touch of freshness! Take a look at the following 7 herbs and choose your favorites to plant in water or just go ahead and plant them all!

7  Fresh Herbs That Grow in Water

#1. Oregano

oregano plant

Oregano is an awesome perennial that is easily grown in water. Just make sure to give it plenty of sunlight!

#2. Basil

basil in a pot

The fresh scent of basil will permeate your kitchen and it will grow successfully simply in a glass of water!

#3. Sage


Sage is a great herb to have around the house as it's not only great for cooking, but also has amazing medicinal properties.

#4. Thyme

thyme in water

Although you can grow thyme in water, it will not last as long as the other herbs. But still, it's a great little herb to have in your kitchen while it does last!

#5. Rosemary

Rosemary in Container

Rosemary not only grows very quickly, but will also add a depth of flavor to any dish and will make your home smell amazing!

#6. Stevia

stevia in water

Stevia is a great herb to have in your home as it's a natural sweetener so you can cut back on the sugar! Easily grown in water, this herb is very sweet but also very healthy!

#7. Peppermint

peppermint in water

Grow your own peppermint in water and be ready to make some mouth watering dishes!

herbs that grow in water

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