Carrots make an amazing addition to any garden, and can reward you with their fresh, crunchy taste all season long! These 6 tips for growing carrots will ensure your carrots grow big, strong, healthy, and crunchy! Just like with any other vegetable, carrots need a little TLC, and when done right, can give you a beautiful harvest!

6 Tips for Growing Carrots

#1. Water Often

For carrots to grow big and healthy, they'll need to stay well hydrated. This is especially crucial in the growing stage, before carrots start sprouting. Water liberally before they sprout. Once sprouted, carrots will need about an inch of water per week.

#2. Loosen Soil

Carrots need loose, well drained soil in order to grow straight, otherwise they can split. Before planting carrots, make sure your soil is not surrounded by rocks or hard soil.

#3. Give Space and Sow Lightly

Sow seeds about 1/2 inch deep with at least one foot in between rows. Because carrot seeds are very small, you'll need to sprinkle them in the row you want them to grow. Give your carrots space to grow and don't overcrowd them. Also, keep other plants or vegetables away, since carrots are root vegetables.

#4. Thin Your Carrots

It's very important to thin your carrots, as overcrowding can impede their growth. It may seem counter intuitive to cut away something you've worked hard to grow, but thinning your carrots will ensure healthy growth. Once your carrots grow to about 4 inches, get rid of any carrots that are too close to others or look scrawny. At the end of this, your carrots should be spaced about one inch apart. The next month, go ahead and thin them again. This time, they'll be about 1 1/2 to 2 inches apart.

#5. Keep Carrots Covered

Keep the roots of the carrots covered at all times. If you happen to dislodge the roots by accident, cover them up immediately. If exposed to the sun, the roots will dry out and die.

#6. Fertilize

Fertilization is an important part of keeping your carrots healthy. A month and a half after planting, your plants should be fertilized. Carrots love phosphate based fertilizers, but you can also add a fish or seaweed emulsion liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer can be applied a few times during your carrots' growth spur.

Happy Planting!

Growing Carrots

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